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Vitality Dental Arts prioritizes the privacy and informed consent of our clients. This Text Message Consent Policy ensures compliance with Textline's 10DLC registration requirements and outlines how clients can give explicit consent for receiving text messages.


This policy aims to ensure that we are in full compliance with Textline's 10DLC number registration requirements and any applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

Policy Statement

By accepting our policy via text, clients:

  1. Explicitly agree to receive text messages from Vitality Dental Arts.

  2. Confirm that these text messages will be related solely to dental case pick-up requests from Vitality Dental Arts.

  3. Acknowledge that the text messages may contain pick-up times, confirmation numbers, and potential changes or delays.

Textline and 10DLC Compliance

This policy serves as a formal document for Textline's 10DLC number registration. Clients consenting to this policy are made fully aware that Vitality Dental Arts will be utilizing Textline’s platform for this service.


Clients will receive the following text:

"Welcome to Vitality Dental Arts! By texting this number, you're opting into our text message service, designed to coordinate dental case pick-up requests. You'll receive texts related to pick-up times, confirmations, and potential case changes or delays. Text 'STOP' anytime to unsubscribe. For more info and privacy policy, visit"


Clients may opt-out at any time by:

  • Sending a "STOP" message to our Textline number.

  • Contacting our customer service department.

Amendments & Approvals

This policy is subject to amendments and must be reviewed annually to ensure ongoing compliance. Approval of this policy can take up to 2 weeks as per Textline’s compliance process.

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