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Our Implantpack Custom Implant Abutments are precisely milled using CAD/CAM technology out of medical-grade titanium or zirconia. Custom implant abutments are preferred over stock abutments because the design is truly custom and allows a natural emergence profile, proper support, and optimized gingival contours. 


Custom Implant Abutments help ensure long-term gingival health and a predictable, esthetic outcome for your implant cases.

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To avoid cementation problems that can occur when cementing a crown to an implant abutment, more of our dentists are turning to our Implantpack Screw-Retained Crowns. Using our 3Shape design software, we can create a customized crown with an optimal emergence profile, proper occlusion, and spot-on contacts. The crown is milled with a hole on the top and bonds to a stock titanium cylinder base. 


The two pieces are fused, which creates an end product that can simply screw into the patient's implant.



Taking the best features of a custom abutment and a traditional screw-retained crown is our "Screwmentable" option. Instead of a stock titanium base, we design a custom implant abutment and a full contour crown with a hole on top simultaneously. The two bond together to create the ultimate in a screw-retained restoration. The custom abutment provides the proper support, while the hole in the crown provides easy retrievability for cleaning or modifications.


Our Implantpack Screwmentable Crowns are the BEST solution for restoring implant cases.

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