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by Vitality Dental Arts.

IMPLANTPACK™ provides dental professionals with an all-inclusive, patient-specific "Pack" that includes everything you need, from one source, for one low price.  We support over 100 Implant Systems and accept both traditional and digital impressions.  

Systems we restore:

Adin Closefit, Adin Touareg, Alphabiotec Internal Hex, Ankylos C/X Implant2, Anthogyr, Astra Tech, Astra Tech EV, Astra Tech Profile EV, Bego Semados, Bicon Integra-CP, Biohorizons External, Biohorizons Internal, Biomet 31 External Hex, Biomet 3i Certain, Biotech, Brainbase Mytis Arrow, Bredent Medical Sky, BTI Interna, Camlog, Camlog Conelog, CLC Conic, Cortex, Cowellmedi Inno Internal, C-Tech Esthetic Line, Deep, Dentis i-Clean, Dentis s-Clean, Dentium NR Line, Dentium Simpleline, Dentium Superline, Dentsply Xive, Dio SM, Dio UF, Dyna Pushin Octalock, EBI, Global D Tekka In-Kone, Humantech Ratio, Implant Direct Legacy, Kentec, Keystone Primaconnex, Kyocera Polex, Lasak Bioniq, Medentis Medical ICX, Megagen Anyone, Megagen Anyridge, Megagen Extrawile Anyridge, Megagen EZ Plus, Megagen Rescue, MIS C1, MIS Internal Hexagon, Neobiotech CM Implant Line, Neoss Pro Active, Nobel Biocare Active, Nobel Biocare Branemark, Nobel Biocare Replace Select, Osstem GS(TS), Osstem US, Osstem SS, Platon Type IV Pro, Shinhung, SIC Invent, Southern Implant MSc External Hex, Straumann Bonelevel, Straumann Conical Bone Level, Straumann synOcta, Thommen SPI, Zimmer Tapered Screw-Vent, Zimmer Spline A, Zimmer Spline B, & More...

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Our Implantpack Custom Implant Abutments are precisely milled using CAD/CAM technology out of medical-grade titanium or zirconia.  Custom implant abutments are the preffered choice over stock abutments because the design is truly custom in nature and allows a natural emergence profile, proper support, and optimized gingival contours. 


Custom Implant Abutments help ensure long-term gingival health and a predictable, esthetic outcome for your implant cases.

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To avoid cementation problems that can occur when cementing a crown to an implant abutment, more and more of our dentists are increasingly turning to our Implantpack Screw-Retained Crowns.  Using our 3Shape design software, we are able to create a truly customized crown with optimal emergence profile, proper occlusion, and spot-on contacts.  The crown is milled with a hole on the top and is bonded to a stock titanium cylinder base. 


The two pieces are fused together which creates an end product that can be simply screwed into the patient's implant.