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Our #1 selling product with superior strength monolithic, cutback, or layered - we do it all with our line of Vitality Zirconia and Vitality Esthetic Zirconia.


IPS e.max is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic with optimized transparency, durability, and strength. We have been trusted for years with millions of restorations worldwide.


IMPLANTPACK™ provides dental professionals with an all-inclusive, patient-specific "Pack" that includes everything you need, from one source, for one low price.


We apply the latest Cad/Cam technology in processing your PFM restorations to ensure consistently ideal fit, contacts and occlusion, and lifelike esthetics.  

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Full Cast Metal Crown_edited.jpg

Our benefits of Vitality Milled Metal Crowns (NP, SP, HN) include better fit, improved consistency and accuracy over casting, no porosity, and competitive pricing.  


Dentures, Acrylic Partials, Flexible Partials, Nightguards, & more.  Our dedicated team of removable technicians are here to serve you and your patients.

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Vibe, our simply re-engineered electric toothbrush provides a more gentle brushing experience without all the unnecessary bells & whistles of other leading brands.

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