BruxZir Solid Zirconia

We offer both Bruxzir and Vitality Solid Zirconia (made with Sagemax zirconia) crowns and bridges.

Vitality Solid Zirconia – Sagemax

Based in the USA with over 9 million zirconia restorations produced, Sagemax Bioceramics, Inc. is one of the largest Manufacturers of dental zirconia in the world.Using the highest quality machines and zirconia powder, Sagemax production combines German engineering with processes from Japan to produce consistent high-quality zirconia blanks.
Sagemax zirconia is carefully monitored throughout production with proven quality system that ensures it is inspected for perfection.Sagemax manufactures an incomparable translucent zirconia. Comparative testing shows NexxZr T as having the highest translucent properties of all materials tested. By the use of special formulas, cold isostatic pressing and precise sintering controls, NexxZr T delivers great natural esthetics. Users of NexxZr T can fabricate industry best esthetic dental restorations. This versatile material guarantees exceptional results.Sagemax NexxZr S is the highest strength zirconia with a biaxial flexure strength of 1500 Mpa. It has multiple uses, as lab technicians can create beautiful dental restorations by veneering porcelains over this material. NexxZr S represents the ultimate restorative material, offering Esthetics, Strength, and Versatility.

BruxZir® Solid Zirconia

BruxZir® Solid Zirconia is a monolithic zirconia crown, bridge, screw-retained implant crown, inlay or onlay with no porcelain overlay. More brawn than beauty, you’ll be impressed by the esthetics of BruxZir when prescribed instead of metal occlusal PFMs and cast gold restorations. BruxZir, because of its chip-proof durability, is an ideal solution for bruxers who have destroyed their natural teeth or existing dental restorations.

Designed and milled using CAD/CAM technology, BruxZir is sintered for 6.5 hours at 1,530 degrees Celsius. The final BruxZir Solid Zirconia crown or bridge emerges nearly “bulletproof” and is glazed to a smooth surface. BruxZir Solid Zirconia crowns & bridges are backed by Vitality Dental Art’s seven-year free replacement warranty.

BruxZir is the fastest-growing product in dental lab history. The unique composition of BruxZir has garnered accolades from dental zirconia supplier Tosoh Corporation and in 2011 once again earned a coveted spot on Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Products list.

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Indicated for crowns, bridges, implants, inlays and onlays. An esthetic solution for bruxers when PFM metal occlusal/lingual or full-cast restorations are not desired or when patient lacks the preparation space for a PFM or has broken a PFM in the past. BruxZir can also be used for anterior teeth with a facial veneer of porcelain for improved esthetics.

Shoulder preparation not needed, feather edge OK. Any preparation with at least 0.5 mm of occlusal space is acceptable. Minimum occlusal space of 0.5 mm, but 1 mm is ideal.

Ceramir® Crown & Bridge (Doxa Dental; Newport Beach, Calif.) or a resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement such as RelyX™ Luting Cement (3M ESPE; St. Paul, Minn.) or GC Fuji Plus™ (GC America; Alsip; Ill.)

For short or over-tapered preparations, use a resin cement such as RelyX™ Unicem (3M ESPE) or Panavia™ F2.0 (Kuraray; New York, N.Y.)

Instructions for Seating BruxZir® and Other Zirconia-Based Crowns & Bridges

BruxZir restorations are fabricated from solid zirconia oxide material, much like the zirconia oxide coping found in restorations such as Prismatik Clinical Zirconia™, Lava™ Zirconia (3M ESPE; St. Paul, Minn.), and NobelProcera™ (Nobel Biocare; Yorba Linda, Calif.). Like most metals, zirconia exhibits a strong affinity for phosphate groups, and zirconia oxide is no different. We can take advantage of this fact with phosphate-containing primers, such as Monobond Plus (Ivoclar Vivadent; Amherst, N.Y.) and Z-Prime™ Plus (Bisco; Schaumburg, Ill.), or cements such as Ceramir® Crown & Bridge (Doxa Dental; Newport Beach, Calif.). Unfortunately, saliva also contains phosphates in the form of phospholipids, so when a BruxZir crown or bridge is tried in the patient’s mouth and comes in contact with saliva, the phosphate groups in the saliva bind to the zirconia oxide and cannot be rinsed out with water. Attempting to use phosphoric acid (which is full of phosphate groups) to “clean” the saliva out only makes the problem worse.

The only way we have found to successfully remove these phosphate groups from the interior of a BruxZir restoration is with the use of Ivoclean (Ivoclar Vivadent). This is a zirconia oxide solution placed inside the restoration for 20 seconds and then rinsed out. Due to the large concentration of free zirconia oxide in the Ivoclean, it acts as a sponge and binds to the phosphate groups that were previously bound to the BruxZir restoration. Once the Ivoclean is rinsed out, you will have a fresh bonding surface for the Monobond Plus, Z-Prime Plus or Ceramir to bond to.

The protocol would be:

Try in BruxZir or zirconia-based restoration.

Rinse saliva out of restoration.

Place Ivoclean in restoration for 20 seconds and rinse.

Cement restoration with Ceramir –or– place Monobond Plus/Z-Prime Plus and place with cement of your choice.

D2740 Crown – Porcelain/Ceramic Substrate

D6245 Pontic Porcelain/Ceramic

D6740 Abutment Crown Porcelain/Ceramic

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